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Mindful Movement

For Strength,

Vitality, and Freedom

Serving the Chester Basin, Nova Scotia area.

At Ki, we offer a holistic approach to movement and exercise to help you achieve movement freedom. Our alignment-based functional exercises will help you re-train unhelpful movement patterns and will enhance your body awareness allowing for a stronger life.

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Do you suffer from movement pain or restriction?

Possibly from a previous injury? Or maybe age related?

Or from illness or surgery?

At Ki, we help our clients get to the root cause of the pain or restriction, and from there determine the appropriate movement pattern.  We give you the tools to re-train your body to move the way it is meant to, naturally.


Manuela is amazing. Her alignment-based approach to physical health is a refreshing change that focuses on your natural movements. She brings a wealth of knowledge and holistic support that is beneficial to people of all ages. Go see her - you will feel better!

Christine C.

Do you have postural concerns?

Do you worry that you don’t stand properly?

Our habitual posture and movements can be the very crux of our ability to enjoy life to the fullest. We teach alignment-based exercises that are fundamental to your everyday movements. We help you build deep core strength that provides the building blocks for strong postural support so that every day you can be at your best.


I have to extend a shout out to Manuela Soares and the physical changes I have experienced since starting her classes. 

After only attending 9 classes, I have experienced a shift in my back and hip pain to the extent that I no longer awaken with irritation. I am now able to lift my legs to counter height to conduct stretching and can cross my legs again in a sitting position to meditate. 

And here is the kicker:  Recently I spent hours on my feet, on a concrete floor and other than my feet needing a good massage I am pain-free.  💞

Lisa R.

Do you have concerns about age related illness such as osteoporosis or arthritis?

Particularly for women, by the time we hit 40, these concerns are on our radar. At Ki, the exercise techniques we teach will help you to build weight-bearing bone strength and improve joint mobility. The results – strong muscles and joints that will support your daily activities now and in the future!

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Chester Basin, Nova Scotia

Tel. (519) 807-7475


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