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Although each class varies depending on a number of factors, they are all alignment-based, functional-exercise based and may include:

  • Balance

  • Small Apparatus

  • Focus on postural muscles

It is not necessary to isolate the core in order to work the core!  How we align and how each of our joints moves is a much better indicator of how our core and body are functioning.

Exercises are performed in various positions such as standing, kneeling, lying down.  Not only do the exercises target muscles and bones they may also target the nervous system (our messaging system).

Exercises will be modified whenever necessary (please let me know if you have any special needs).


Pilates is important to me because it enables me to be physically active without injury. I have used Pilates after each of my three pregnancies to rehab my core and get back to running and feeling physically capable. 

I am so happy that Manuela and her friendly studio is in my neighbourhood! Manuela is an exceptional instructor whose perceptive eye and deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics allow her to individually tailor exercises according to each participant’s strengths and weaknesses. Her laid-back style and warm laugh create happy, fun classes while she guides us each week through increasingly difficult exercises – exercises that I’m surprised I’m able to do given where I started and how relaxed the process is. 

In addition to her expertise in Pilates instruction, Manuela’s integrity and authenticity make her studio a wonderful place to be.

Dr. Martha Linkletter

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