Services & Pricing

Private Sessions

Manuela is full of practical knowledge and techniques as well as being highly intuitive. It’s a unique blend and provides for an awesome experience when you share space with her.

Amanda Weber


Private sessions provide individualized attention and detail to each person’s specific needs and goals. These goals can be ANYTHING that are important to you. Whether this is diminishing or getting rid of on-going pain; building muscle; eating according to YOUR nutritional needs … really, ANYTHING!

Private sessions take place at two locations.  At both locations we will be following the required safety protocols:

- screening

- hand sanitizer or washing of hands at the door or prior to entering dedicated room

- masks

- bringing your own mat/water



The locations are:


Aesthetica Clinic

233 Frederick Street #1, Kitchener (Frederick/Lancaster)



My Home (in a dedicated room)

54 Ahrens Street West, Kitchener (downtown Kitchener)


Private Rates:

$70+HST  (Single session) - 1-hour session

$195+HST (3-session package) - 1-hour each session


Half-hour sessions are also available at My Home location only:

$40+HST (Single session) - 1/2-hour session


Semi-Private Rates (2 people only):

$90+HST ($45/person) - 1-hour session

Single Private


$70 + HST

3-Session Pkg.

$195 + HST

Housekeeping for Private Sessions

Payment by e-Transfer, cheque or cash


24-hour notice policy for private session cancellations

Please ensure that cell phones and other electronic devices are turned off before entering your session


In consideration of those who may have allergies and environmental sensitivities, kindly refrain from using perfume, cologne, or other scented products